CDTi’s Purifilter EGR now available for sale to California fleets

Clean Diesel Technologies, a clean tech emissions control company, announced that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will allow CDTi to advertise, sell and install its Purifilter EGR diesel particulate filter.

While not currently approved under CARB’s verification procedure, the Purifilter EGR cannot be used for compliance with CARB fleet rules. However, the executive order does permit CDTi to advertise, sell and install Purifilter EGR.

In order to comply with CARB fleet rules, CDTi must perform one of the following by the fleet owner’s specific compliance requirement date:  Receive verification from CARB and perform all necessary steps to ensure CARB fleet rule compliance; replace the system with a verified system at CDTI’s expense; or remove the installed system and reimburse the full price of the system.

“We are extremely pleased to have received the executive order from CARB,” said Craig Breese, CEO of CDTi. “The verification process has been lengthier than we had anticipated due to the unique and proprietary nature of the product. However, we remain confident that full verification by both CARB and the EPA will occur in the near future. We are delighted to add Purifilter EGR to our impressive portfolio of emission reduction systems, and although the industry has experienced a slower than expected adoption rate under the Truck and Bus Regulation, we are confident in our ability to win business and continue our journey in leading the world in emission solutions.”

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