Diesel maker Cummins to invest in natural gas system provider Agility Fuel Systems

DALLAS. Cummins Inc. will invest in natural gas system provider Agility Fuel Systems under terms of a strategic partnership announced today at the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Dallas. Cummins will also work with Agility to drive adoption of, and improve the experience of, natural gas vehicles.

The partnership includes technology development and integration of software and hardware between the natural gas engine and the onboard fuel storage and delivery system. Additionally, Agility and Cummins will integrate their sales and aftermarket support and distribution networks, allowing customers to have their natural gas-powered equipment serviced at authorized Cummins distributor and OEM truck dealer locations in the U.S. and Canada.

“Our goal has always been to deliver a diesel-like experience to the end user, making natural gas-powered vehicles as easy to operate and service as diesel vehicles. This partnership with Cummins is a key enabler. By co-developing differentiated and improved natural gas solutions, and utilizing the breadth of Cummins service network, we believe we can accelerate the adoption of natural gas as a fuel for more vehicles, including heavy duty trucks,” said Barry Engle, CEO of Agility.

Based in Santa Ana, CA, Agility offers natural gas fuel systems and storage solutions.

“Cummins and Agility are committed to bringing an enhanced experience to customers across North America,” said Roe East, general manager – Cummins On-Highway Natural Gas Business. “We are excited to partner with Agility, and leverage our strengths and expertise to provide even more value to our natural gas customers.”

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