Ontario legalizes full length boat tail aerodynamic devices

The Province of Ontario, Canada, is now allowing full length boat tail aerodynamic devices on its roadways, said ATDynamics, whose TrailerTail is among the devices now legal.

According to the company, in December 2013, Transport Canada amended its Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) to allow boat tail devices up to five feet in length to operate on Canadian roadways, as compared to previous regulations which only allowed boat tail devices under two feet in length.  It is now up to each province to amend its local vehicle codes to reflect the amended MVSA.  Ontario is the first to make the devices legal.

“ATDynamics has worked with Canadian regulators since 2009 to amend the commercial vehicle weight and dimension regulations to allow maximum efficiency boat tail technologies to operate in Canada,” said Andrew Smith, CEO of ATDynamics.  “We are thrilled that the regulatory hurdles have been overcome and that we can now provide fleets with the highest efficiency trailers in the industry.”

ATDynamics TrailerTail technology has the potential to reduce the fuel consumption of Canadian trucking operations by more than 63 million gallons of diesel fuel per year, saving the Canadian economy nearly $3 billion USD in the next decade, the company said. Every TrailerTail in operation reduces carbon emissions by approximately the same amount as removing one passenger vehicle from the roads.

“We applaud the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario for recognizing the vital importance of clean transportation technology in increasing the competitiveness of Canadian motor carriers and reducing the environmental impact of our trucking operations,” said Allen Smith, director of North American sales and Canadian operations at ATDynamics.

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