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XL Hybrids provides hybrid powertrain to Canadian uniform company

Canadian Linen, a linen and uniform service provider, is now testing the hybrid-electric powertrain from XL Hybrids. The company began the test of Chevrolet Express vans outfitted with the system in August.

Preliminary estimates project a 20% fuel and greenhouse gas emissions reduction over conventional cargo vans and a payback in less than half of the vehicle’s lifespan, XL Hybrids said.

Canadian Linen’s hybrid vans are used at offsite service centers to deliver and pick up special orders that are not part of regular routes, to visit customers and to assist on routes if other trucks require maintenance. The hybrid vans are expected to drive approximately 20,000 mi. per year and are operating around the Toronto metropolitan area.

The XL Hybrids hybrid electric powertrain doesn’t require any additional infrastructure or driver training, and Canadian Linen will not experience any changes to vehicle operations.

“This hybrid pilot program is part of a larger company initiative to reduce energy consumption and our carbon footprint,” said Naiem Nairouz, senior vice president of Canadian operations at Canadian Linen, which is a subsidiary of AmeriPride. “As a leader in the industry, we feel it’s our responsibility to consider and pilot programs using alternative fuel options and support the advancement of these new technologies. In addition, we hope it will reduce our fuel costs and lower our exposure to fuel price rate increases.”

XL Hybrids recently unveiled its XL3 product release for model year 2014 vehicles. The XL3 release uses a patent-pending inline traction motor system design, the newest upgrade for the company’s successful hybrid conversion system. The system is now available as a ship-thru option in the U.S. and Canada.

“Canadian Linen and AmeriPride operate a world-class uniform and linen company in North America, and XL Hybrids will help them save money and achieve their sustainability objectives,” said Justin Ashton, vice president of business development at XL Hybrids. “With the delivery of the Canadian Linen hybrid vans, our technology is available across Canada as a ship-thru option, which will help fleet managers reduce operating expenses in a region with higher fuel costs.”

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