Con-way Freight deploys DriveCam fleet-wide

Con-way Freight has rolled out Lytx’s DriveCam driver safety management program fleet-wide, Lytx said. The deployment covers more than 8,500 vehicles.

DriveCam combines video and predictive analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching to improve driver performance and reduce safety incidents.

“Lytx and Con-way Freight have a common vision – to improve safety and save lives,” said Brandon Nixon, CEO of Lytx. “We believe one of the most effective ways to do this is to help drivers improve, and we’re proud to provide these tools to a world-class safety organization like Con-way Freight.”

According to Lytz, the DriveCam program uses its patented Lytx Engine to capture, prioritize and track the results of driving behaviors to identify improvement opportunities for increased safety and efficiency. In-vehicle video captures driving behavior that is reviewed and scored within hours by certified professionals before being passed on to fleet safety personnel to coach driver improvement.

The system is managed through DriveCam Online, a web-based online platform with 24/7 secure access. The online platform provides the fleet with the information needed to monitor fleet performance, prioritize events for coaching, and provide the necessary tools to improve driver behavior. It features dashboards, alerts and configurable reports.

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