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FedEx driver saves woman in fiery crash

An 11-year veteran driver for FedEx is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of an unconscious woman in a fiery car-semi collision last week in northern California.

FedEx driver Scott Teuscher came upon the scene of an accident between a Honda Civic and an 18-wheeler in Grass Valley, CA, on Thursday, July 12. Several other motorists had stopped at the scene.

In an interview with KTVU News, Teuscher said he began asking spectators if everyone was alright, Teuscher said, “they said ‘well here’s the truck driver.’ And I said ‘OK, what about the car?’ They said ‘we don’t know.’ I said ‘you don’t know?!’”

Teuscher noticed that the car was on fire and diesel fuel was leaking from the semi. “The car was on fire and I looked into the passenger’s side and saw her unconsciousness laying over in the passenger seat,” Teuscher said.

The trucker pulled the woman from the vehicle just seconds before it exploded.

Teuscher said he doesn’t consider his actions heroic. “I would just hope someone would do the same thing for me and my family.”


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