Goggin Warehousing outfits fleet with SmartDrive system

Goggin Warehousing, a provider of logistics, storage, transportation and distribution services, is outfitting its entire fleet with the SmartDrive video- and data-capture safety program from SmartDrive Systems.

“We chose SmartDrive after an initial deployment in some selected locations,” said Keith Bellenfant, president of Goggin Warehousing. “With SmartDrive, we were able to quickly realize measurable improvements in safety. Vehicle data is useful but does not always clearly illustrate the entire picture.  Our people are our number one priority, and our ultimate goal is to help them get our trucks and themselves from point A to point B in a safe and timely manner. The SmartDrive program is easy-to-use and has helped our management team understand what really happened while also recognizing positive areas of driving performance.”

An initial 90-day deployment of the system resulted in dramatically lower occurrences of risky driving, including speeding, stopping violations, mobile phone usage and unfastened seatbelts, SmartDrive said. Results included a 45% overall improvement in driving skills, including a 65% drop in high risk events, as well as fuel savings of 2.2%.

“With SmartDrive we are also able to successfully exonerate drivers,” said Bellenfant. “We have already seen several examples in which a driver was exonerated due to the video footage and the vehicle data that was available through the system. It only takes one or two instances like that to have a positive impact throughout the company, reinforcing to the drivers the protection a program like SmartDrive provides.”

SmartDrive records comprehensive video and vehicle information, detecting collisions and safety critical information that increase the risk profile of the fleet, including sudden stops, hard cornering, aggressive acceleration and excessive speed. The company applies predictive analytics from a database of over 70 million driving events, along with an expert review process that identifies other distraction risks such as cell-phone usage and drowsiness, to prioritize the areas for coaching that will help reduce collisions. 

“SmartDrive is proud to have been selected by Goggin Warehousing to help keep their employees, vehicles and freight safe,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive.  “SmartDrive’s unique open-platform approach captures the broadest spectrum of risk, ensuring that fleets are focused in the right areas when it comes to improving safety and measurably reducing costs - not just in the first year of deployment, but over the life of the program.”

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