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081319 Volvo VNR truck.jpg Photo: Volvo Trucks

Volvo recalls 25,000 trucks with a transmission defect

Dealers were notified at the beginning of July, but owner notification and repairs are to begin by Aug. 19.

Volvo Trucks has recalled 25,000 VAH, VHD, VNL, and VNR model vehicles manufactured from July 2, 2018 through March 28, 2019 for a defect affecting the torque applied to the t-bolt clasps on the transmission auxiliary air tank straps, according to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The report states that the straps may have been over-torqued, potentially causing deformation to the strap where the t-bolt is anchored.

This defect may cause the tank to drop to the ground, releasing debris on the road and presenting a safety risk to other drivers.

According to the report by NHTSA, Volvo has not received any reports of vehicle crashes as a result of the defect but is taking all necessary measures, assuring the air tank strap will be inspected and replaced if damaged.

Based on the report, the estimated percentage of affected vehicles with the defect is 1%.

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