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HOS logging app designed for small trucking companies, owner-operators

A new electronic hours-of-service logging application is now available for small trucking companies and owner-operators. The app, from BigRoad, is specially designed for use by small fleets looking for a cost-effective logging solution.

BigRoad partnered with the National Assn. of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) and Sprint to create the app.

“CSA compliance is less of an issue for large fleets, who have the resources and deep pockets to invest in big hardware solutions.  But for the small fleets and independent contractors who can’t afford the more expensive solutions, CSA compliance is a significant burden, and has very little to no return on investment,” said David Owen, president of NASTC. “BigRoad’s app is a perfect solution for the small fleet and independent driver. It’s an easy to use and deploy solution for the smaller guys who form the bulk of the trucking market. It runs on a smart phone so there’s no in-vehicle hardware to buy or install. It allows us all to move off paper logs, and provides clean, error free electronic paperwork.” 

The smartphone e-Log app replaces paper logbooks with an electronic logging system that improves driver record accuracy and saves fleets money, BigRoad said.  The app, which is free for drivers and costs $15 per vehicle for a complete fleet solution, is tailor-made for the needs of the independent driver and small fleet owners looking to lower log auditing costs, and protect their CSA 2010 safety score, the company added.

BigRoad’s app for Android is available free for download directly from Google Play using the following link  An iPhone version of the driver app is expected later this year.

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