A letter from JB Hunt executives to customers called the current environment ldquoone of the highest periods of turbulence and volatility in supply wersquove ever experienced and we donrsquot think it will abate anytime soonquot Photo JB Hunt

J.B. Hunt picks Bestpass for toll management services

J.B. Hunt's 12,000 trucks added to the more than 400,000 commercial vehicles using Bestpass's toll transponders and services across the U.S.A

KISSIMMEE, FL. Bestpass, a company that provides single-source payment and streamlined toll management services to commercial fleets, has added J.B. Hunt Transport Services, one of the largest supply chain solutions providers in North America, to its customer list.

Bestpass is equipping J.B. Hunt’s more than 12,000 trucks with toll stickers to streamline transportation operations as replacements are required.

Most tolling websites are built for the typical consumer household of two cars, not trucking fleets of hundreds and thousands of vehicles, noted John Andrews during a sit down with Fleet Owner at the 80th annual TCA Convention: The Future of Truckload. “In a nutshell, we pull all the toll data, aggregate it onto a statement and then handle one payment from [the trucking company] and then spread it out to all the tolling groups across the country,” he said. “That’s what we do all day long – and we do it so efficiently that we can charge a nominal fee and do it better than they can do it on their own.”

"Electronic tolling, not cash-based tolling, is a real burden for trucking. It creates so much back-office work,” Andrews said. “We were just meeting with some (trucking) accountants and they told us they spend an enormous amount of time dealing with toll issues – and they have the toll transponders on the windows and it still generates so much back-office work.”

“They said they want their financial analysts back to doing financial analyzing,” added Alison Knowlton, Bestpass’s vice president of customer experience.

“That is something we hear over and over again with all our customers,” Andrews said. “As an example, J.B. Hunt is well run. They had a well-run toll group and they still felt that it was better to go with us – because that’s all we do.”

To date, Bestpass has saved its customers more than $87 million in toll-related costs and predicts it will achieve savings for J.B. Hunt.

Arkansas-based J.B. Hunt provides supply chain solutions to a diverse group of customers throughout North America. Leveraging decades of industry experience, J.B. Hunt applies a technology-driven approach to create the best solution for each customer, adding efficiency and delivering value to their operations. Services include intermodal, dedicated, refrigerated, truckload, less-than-truckload, flatbed, single source, final mile, and more.

Bestpass is currently compatible with more than 40 tolling groups and all transponder-based weigh stations bypass networks in the United States. The Bestpass transponder is currently on more than 400,000 commercial vehicles and sees more than 200,000 transactions every day, according to the company.

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