New M2M tracking devices for transportation market

Global provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions Orbcomm has released four new asset tracking and monitoring devices for the transportation and logistics markets.

The product portfolio includes the GT 1000, GT 1200, GT 2000, and RT 6000+, all of which join the recently announced GT 1100, the company’s first self-powered M2M device for intermodal container and trailer tracking and monitoring.

“Orbcomm’s robust new suite of leading M2M devices brings an unmatched level of versatility, functionality and service to the transportation industry,” said Marc Eisenberg, CEO. “Our devices are tailored to meet the needs of key market segments throughout the supply chain – from reefer monitoring and container security to trailer tracking and cargo asset management. We will continue to develop innovative M2M solutions focused on helping our customers maximize asset utilization and improve their bottom line.”

The Orbcomm GT 2000 is a dual-mode cargo security and monitoring device that enables location tracking and intrusion detection of cargo containers and other assets through satellite and cellular networks along with GPS capability. It has a thin, low-profile enclosure that facilitates mounting in between the door and the container or trailer locking bars. In addition, the sensor suite detects door intrusion, motion and temperature, Orbcomm said.

The RT 6000+ is tailored for the refrigerated transport market. It is a fourth generation product. The solution is a dual-mode, two-way monitoring and control device that provides visibility, control and decision rules to transportation companies. It provides temperature, fuel management, maintenance, and logistical applications services.

The GT 1000 is a low-cost, cellular-enabled electronic bolt seal with GPS capability, co-developed with Tyden Brooks, the world’s largest seal company. The self-powered GT 1000 installs in minutes and is designed for theft prevention and recovery as well as virtual warehouse and in-transit visibility applications. The bolt and locking cap provide a secure truck or container lock and reliably detect cut or removal in real-time.

A self-powered device with cellular communications and GPS capability, the GT 1200 is a sophisticated tracking and monitoring solution that provides valuable insight into the status, movement, loading, and unloading of dry intermodal containers. By leveraging dynamic telematics capabilities integrated with intermodal order and event information systems, domestic container operators can utilize the GT 1200 to vastly improve the performance of their operations, the company said.

All of the solutions can be paired with web analytics platforms to provide near-real-time knowledge and notifications of the assets’ status and location.

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