YRC Freight goes live with 3Gtms system

3Gtms Inc., a global provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, announced that YRC Freight has deployed its 3G-TM transportation management system (TMS).

According to the company, the 3Gtms TMS enables flexible handling of the most challenging routing requirements, and boosts productivity by driving down freight costs; improving shipment efficiency and communications; increasing shipment visibility; and providing greater financial transparency.

“The team behind the solution is just as important to our success as the power and flexibility of the TMS,” said Justin Hall, chief customer officer, YRC Freight. “3Gtms not only delivers unmatched optimization and rating capabilities to support our engineered and omni-channel freight solutions, but their system is supported by a committed team of industry veterans that work as true partners with us.”

“Modern day freight challenges can’t be solved with most of the TMS systems out there,” said Mitch Weseley, CEO of 3Gtms. “With our unique TMS, YRC Freight is committing to providing superior service and network flexibility for its customers, and we are proud to partner with them.”

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