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Asset tracking: A fleet owner’s perspective

Trucking industry experts explain how this vital link in the system is best addressed, now and in the future.

Editor’s note: This is part two in a series on asset tracking. Read part one here.

Name: John Pope

Title: Chairman

Company: Cargo Transporters Inc.

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John Pope, chairman of Cargo Transporters Inc.

Cargo Transporters Inc., based in Claremont, NC, is an asset-based transportation operation that delivers truckload and dry van service. It ranks #205 in the 2019 Fleet Owner For-Hire 500.

As a fleet, how do you use asset tracking?

“We use tracking on tractor and trailer. Tractor is integrated in messaging and ELD. Trailer is a solar unit, backup battery, load sensor, door sensor, internal intelligence to geo fence locations.”

What has been Cargo Transporters’ experience with asset tracking changes over the last few years?

“It went from a very expensive option for in-cab to expanding to a very reasonable option for all equipment, including trailers. By offering solar, it was now no longer critical that operations make sure we keep trucks connected to keep battery charged. With the extensive use of Google Earth we can see the exact position a vehicle is parked in. This includes imaging of the buildings or parking areas.”

Are there significant security concerns now than were in the past?

“Yes, if any of these systems broadcast Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, my fear is there is opportunity that someone will be able to hack into the device and either manipulate the data or even disable the device.”

What would you like to see improved in the asset-tracking realm?

“More intelligence placed in the trailer. Capturing images, bar codes, piece counts, weight, and alerts of damage or shifting product.”

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