Data will help Ford's Chariot shuttle service expand in NYC

If you're a New York City commuter using public transit and looking for another option than the usual, Ford Motor Co. is hoping its Chariot crowd-sourced shuttle van service will appeal to you. The company said it wants to have 60 Transit passenger vans running Chariot routes there by this fall.

What's different? Initially conceived as a shuttle service that uses app-based crowd-sourcing to create routes, Chariot — now that it's been acquired by Ford — will draw from the OEM's data and analytics to help design routes. A faster crowd-sourcing method also will allow app users to pitch in and propose Chariot routes where people could benefit from the service and help gather critical mass to launch them.

Click through the photos to learn more about Ford's plans for Chariot in New York, or watch more from Ford below.  


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