Doft partners with CarrierCheckup

Doft (Do Freight Transportation) announced its integration with CarrierCheckup, a monitoring technology for motor carrier information and vetting solutions.

According to the company, Doft’s integration with CarrierCheckup is designed to help its users minimize motor carrier hiring risks. CarrierCheckup’s data, including safety ratings, insurance and authority information, is now pulled into Doft and displayed for each carrier throughout the process of booking a load by shipper.

During the load booking process Doft will now automatically check and verify the carrier’s certificate of insurance information using CarrierCheckup’s database to ensure that coverage meets the requirements that the user has set, the company added. At the final stage, while booking a carrier to a load, Doft also updates data in real time to ensure that the carrier is still acceptable.

“The integration with CarrierCheckup helps Doft to protect its shippers from using unqualified, non-compliant, or unsafe carriers, and to avoid liability associated with negligent hiring of carriers,” said Douglas Clark, a CarrierCheckup shareholder. “CarrierCheckup now provides the assurance that you have vetted the carrier properly before dispatching the load to the driver.” 

“Integration with CarrierCheckup has given our shippers an outstanding transparency of Carrier’s hiring risk level,” added Dmitri Fedorchenko, CEO and founder of Doft. “It has also increased Doft’s qualification and vetting process efficiency of on-boarding new motor carriers and monitoring existing ones.”

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