Dossier Systems adds Geotab integration

Dossier Systems and Geotab announced the integration of Dossier maintenance management software with Geotab’s MyGeotab software platform. According to the companies, the integration provides meter and engine diagnostics data to Dossier, and bi-directional DVIR fault and resolution information between the systems, eliminating paper forms and associated errors and delays.

 “Fleet managers are already overwhelmed with data,” said Bob Hausler, Dossier Systems vice president of marketing and technology. “One of our primary objectives is for Dossier to digest all of the fleet maintenance data, and identify what needs to be done. Whether it’s PMs or door traffic, Dossier’s exception-management Daily Reminder dashboard shows managers what action is needed. By integrating with Geotab, that dashboard is populated automatically with PMs due based on meter updates, and Work Pending requests based on eDVIR failed inspections and engine diagnostic events.”

According to the companies, with the Dossier-Geotab integration, after some setup configuration, no special operational steps are required in either system; drivers and/or operators’ complete inspections and identify any defects in Geotab. Inspections with defects are automatically retrieved by Dossier, and all maintenance activity is handled in Dossier using standard workflows. Once the defects are addressed and the work items closed, Dossier noted it communicates the repair information back to Geotab to close the loop. Meter and diagnostic trouble code information is automatically sent to Dossier and posted.

Jack Boetefuer, CEO of Dossier Systems, added, “I am extremely pleased that we have partnered with Geotab to provide this integration option to our growing base of mutual customers.  This solution allows our customers to leverage the information from both systems and achieve added value and improved workflow. Whenever we can help our customers get more benefit from their technology investment, it’s a big plus.” 

“We’re thrilled to welcome Dossier to our expansive catalog of value-added business solutions available on the Geotab Marketplace,” said Joey Marlow, executive vice president, US Operations. “Offering our mutual customers advanced methods for streamlining their operations, improving their compliance, and reducing downtime is a priority, making this partnership a natural fit.”  

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