Geotab Photo: Geotab

Geotab launches new flagship telematics device

Geotab said it has released its new GO9 telematics device, which the company said provides better acceleration tracking and a more accurate GPS.

The launch of the GO9 also helps to position the company to expand globally, and be used in new vehicle types, including electric vehicles. 

“We are excited to have launched the next generation of Geotab’s flagship product,” said CEO Neil Cawse. “We see this as one of the most important iterations in the history of our product line as the GO9… allows Geotab to extend our  capabilities and expand our presence globally.”

The company said in a statement the new device features a gyroscope, which provides better monitoring of harsh braking and rapid accelerations.

There is also enhanced GPS technology and improved over-the-air software updates to ensure optimal safety and security.

The GO9 also comes with increased memory and a more powerful processor. GeoTab said that means it will more easily be able to add new features in the coming years.

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