Geotab offers new way to ensure driver privacy

Geotab released a new feature geared towards driving professionals who want to take privacy in their own hands.

Privacy Mode offers intervals of privacy that drivers and dispatchers can control within the MyGeotab fleet app to hide vehicle tracking for a certain time period.

For drivers who use work trucks after hours, or for management requirements that dictate when a driver should—or should not—be precisely located within a zone, Privacy Mode is a flexible feature for a variety of fleets.

This function removes all GPS-based information, including position, speed profile and trips, from the display. It can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, and data collected while in Privacy Mode is saved as private, so other companies cannot view the sensitive information.

Geotab chief executive officer Neil Cawse said it encourages good data management and privacy within fleets.

“Data privacy continues to make its way higher up on the priority list for fleet managers,” Cawse said. “Geotab’s new Privacy Mode feature provides fleet managers with another level of customization for their telematics solution without limiting the richness and utility of the data available to them.”

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