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We offer unique, online tools to brand your products, build awareness of your company’s website and drive traffic to it. Position your message alongside our online news, article archives, provocative columns, and the industry's most comprehensive online supplier directory.

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Online Supplier Directories

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$60 cpm* net
Banner rotates throughout site
(*Cost-per-thousand page impressions)

$85 cpm* net
Banner rotates throughout site
(*Cost-per-thousand page impressions)

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Monthly rates:
$510 net • $600 gross
Maximum of 5 Sponsors
Ad rotates throughout magazine site

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Monthly rate:
$1,050 net • $1,235 gross

Exclusive to one advertiser per month

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Impact tens of thousands of industry professionals every Monday through Friday in an e-mail newsletter written by editors of Fleet Owner -- and requested by your customers!

Each e-mail newsletter can feature your company's 468 x 60 banner, linked directly to your site. Plus, you can run a "text ad" of up to 50 words of copy within the newsletter's editorial content with a link to your site!

Rates for one month (20-23 issues):

1st: Top position . . . . $2,500 net
Includes 50 words of text or less with headline, linking text url, plus bonus 468x60 banner
2nd: Text position . . . . $995 net
3rd: Text position . . . . $995 net
Text includes 50 words, headline and linking text url


- FLEET OWNER tracks all click-throughs generated by Banner and Text ads
- Banner advertisers have "on-demand" access to tracking reports for their ads

Contact your FLEET OWNER sales representative (see top left side of this page) to set up an e-mail sponsorship.

To subscribe to the FLEET OWNER e-mail newsletter, CLICK HERE.

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Display advertisers in FLEET OWNER Magazine can demo their products to our readers in a way that combines your advertising with editorial coverage and an online tour!

We'll feature your product in printed FLEET OWNER editorial, in a section on new products. Plus, we'll spotlight your product in the Demo Showcase, a 4-color section in print. The article and Demo Showcase will be accompanied by the Demo Room icon, which will instruct readers to see a demonstration of your product online!

Fleet Owner will post the video or PowerPoint demonstration you create, or we will help you to create one at an affordable cost.

Contact your Fleet Owner representative (see left side of this page) for more details.

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ONLINE SUPPLIER DIRECTORIES features two extensive supplier directories to help our visitors find the products and services they need:

• Vehicle/Components Buyers Guide

• Shop Buyers Guide

Make sure your company is listed in these directories so you can impact our site's visitors when they're researching the purchase of products like yours. Listings are FREE!

Contact your Fleet Owner sales representative for details!

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Accepted formats: Currently Accepted: GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG, HTML, Flash
Will accept for testing: Enliven, Bluestreak, DHTML, Audio, Real, Unicast
Non-accepted formats: Java, Java Applet, Video

3rd Party Ad Serving: Will accept most 3rd-party ad tags including DART, Adknowledge, 24/7 and L90. All 3PAS must be accompanied by anti-caching documentation.

Dimensions and fill sizes:
Full Banner: 468 x 60 • 15K maximum
Half-banner: 234 x 60 • 8k maximum
Sponsorship Site Ad: 180 x 150 • 15k maximum
Spotlight: 234 x 400 • 25k maximum

Frames and Looping: Maximum frames: 4 – Looping 3 times

Materials due:
Two (2) business days prior to posting
Five (5) for rich media

• Including with instructions: Referring URL and alt text

Cancellation Policy: Banners and sponsorships require a 2-week written cancellation notice.

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