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Care to roll the winter weather dice?

Are you ready for a “nasty winter” in the Eastern U.S.?  Well that’s one of the predictions being made by Weather Trends International(WTI), which says its “statistical math-based trade secret formula forecasting methodology” projects temperature, precipitation and snowfall trends by day and week a year-ahead for 6.4 million locations in 195 countries with 85% or better accuracy

WTI believes the statistics and climate index similarities with past “nasty winters” suggest that the winter of 2013-2014 will be similar to the 1962-1963 season that generated, among other occurrences, the sixth coldest January in over 118 years along with “copious” snowfall.  (So much for global warming!)

Furthermore, based on its “leading indications,” WTI is making 10 other predictions regarding weather patterns the U.S. should experience this winter:

  • Nor'easters will be more frequent bringing the snowiest winter in three years with 35% more snow than last year and much above average.
  • Temperatures across the Eastern U.S. will trend three to six degrees colder than last winter making it the coldest winter in 3 years with below average temperatures.
  • Major widespread cold snaps are likely in middle December, middle January and early February.
  • The West will trend the warmest in four to eight years, but snow and rain still likely to make headlines in the Pacific Northwest with twice as much snow as last year.
  • Parts of California are likely to have the wettest conditions in nine years bringing the threat for at least one major flooding/mud slide event this winter.
  • The southwest may escape winter's wrath with the warmest conditions in eight years and 31% below average snowfall.
  • A drought may begin to develop in the Southeast by late winter.
  • A major freeze possible in Florida late January and early February.
  • Winter seasonal merchandise sales will experience the best winter in three years with sales up 20% to 100% in the Eastern U.S. with sales of snow accessories up 250% or more. However, overall retail sales and store traffic will be severely hampered by that same winter weather (no duh!)
  • Home heating bills will be up 15% to 30% in the East but down as much in the West further eating into consumers' discretionary spending going into 2014.

Well, that’s quite a set of predictions, eh? Better make sure snow chains are at ready for all the big rigs out there. Let’s see if this chilly forecast comes to pass! 

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