Just between us

Welcome to "Reading Between the Lines," or to be brief, "Between the Lines" or, briefer still, "BTL" works for me. What you'll find here are my observations on how actions taken by trucking's supplier base, government agencies and the myriad of industry stakeholders impact truck fleet owners. I get to shoot off my mouth first, tis true, but I welcome your comments on each and every entry henceforth. Really, fire away

"Who's this guy?" you might well ask first. I'm executive editor of FleetOwner Magazine and fleetowner.com, which together comprise an independent, erstwhile and respected information source for truck fleet managers. I've been with FO for over 18 years and thanks to my early years with another trucking magazine, I've rolled up over 25 consecutive years covering trucking so far. But let me add I'll never lay claim to being an expert on trucking-- trucking's too broad and fast-paced for anyone to claim that. I'll admit to being a writer and hope to be regarded a journalist.

Enough said.. till next time.