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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all …

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all …

So one of my good compatriots in the trucking reporter pool recently told me about this “insane rally car driver” by the name of Ken Block one day – a dude about a year older than me, who also dabbles in skateboarding, snowboarding, and motor cross (I guess he must have nine lives like a cat or something).


The guy is also an expert in another popular motor sport known as “gymkhana,” where drivers race small cars at high speeds around some truly bizarre obstacle courses set up in parking lots, abandoned race tracks, places like that.

OK, sure – crazy car stunts.

Yeah, I’ve seen those (and ones involving big rigs, as well).

But NOTHING prepared me for the stuff Ken Block puts together.

After watching a nearly eight minute extravaganza he conducted in France at the helm of a super-charged Ford Fiesta (which you can see below), I didn’t know WHAT to think exactly.

All I could say after watch this was … WOW! (And of course mourn over the wreckage of what was once a super-cool rally car ...)

Driving slow and safe is, of course, the only way to go in daily driving life on our roadways – for cars and trucks alike, I stress. But that being said … Oh my! Quite a high octane show he puts on, eh?