Kenworth born and bred

Kenworth born and bred

Brand loyalty is important. That’s why dealers and OEMs do everything they can to retain their customers. The same holds true for the dealer-OEM relationship. The OEM wants a dealer to remain loyal, believing in their product. That’s what S. Hatch Barrett is.Barrett

Barrett just celebrated 50 years of association with Kenworth. One of the founders of Trebar Kenworth Sales, with three locations in Idaho, Barrett and Kenworth celebrated in Boise with a trade fair and seminar, focused on the hybrid of the future and 2010 engines, for who else – Barrett’s customers.

“Without a customer being satisfied with our service and our product – Kenworth trucks – we can’t have success and we can’t have longevity,” said Barrett, who has served as dealer principal of Trebar Kenworth Sales for the past 42 years. “I take extreme pride in how we deal with customers, and the products we offer them. They, in turn, become loyal to our organization. We both prosper.”

There was a surprise dinner held in Barrett’s honor, emceed by former Idaho governor Cecil Andrus. “I was taken aback,” said Barrett. “So many friends, customers and colleagues took time to attend the dinner. It was a complete surprise.”

The next day was the trade fair with Kenworth hybrids, 2010 engines as well as other Kenworth technology on proud display. Trebar, which employs 180, has been putting on these trade fairs since the early 1980s.

Barrett, for his part, remains loyal, refusing to go quietly into the night. “I’ll continue on with Trebar in a consulting role – I’m not retiring quite yet,” said Barrett. “I only wish I could do this another 50 years. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve met and worked with wonderful people.”

S. Hatch Barrett, still loyal after all these years.