Peterbilt, Kenworth to be back at MATS

In what can only be considered a positive move, OEM powerhouses Peterbilt and Kenworth have decided to attend the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville in 2010. What’s the big deal, you say?

Last year’s show in Louisville saw a decrease in foot traffic, according to my colleague David Cullen, who attended the show. Not only that, but participation by manufacturers also appeared to be down, including the notable absences of Peterbilt and Kenworth among others. For many, given the economic conditions of the time, the choice not to attend MATS in 2009 was certainly understandable.

Peterbilt’s and Kenworth’s decisions to return are good news for everyone involved – including the two truck makers. Is it a sign of the improving economy? Possibly. Is it an indication that the decision makers at both companies view their participation this year as vital? Certainly.

The show, to be held March 25-27, will also be the showcase for Paccar, parent of both OEMs, to display its new engines, new trucks, and new services from Paccar Financial and Paccar Parts.

Why Peterbilt and Kenworth didn’t attend in 2009 is irrelevant at this point. What is important is that they are back. Let’s hope that other companies follow suit and 2010 MATS serves as a springboard to a profitable 2010 and beyond for the industry.