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XL Hybrids XLP plugin hybrid electric vehicle upfit on Ford F150 displayed at the NTEA Work Truck Show

XL Hybrids displays XLP upfit on F-150 at NTEA

March 15, 2017
Company also announced its new Electrification Qualified Vehicle Modifier (eQVM) status in the new Ford certification program.

INDIANAPOLIS. XL Hybrids displayed its XLP plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) upfit solution for the first time during the 2017 NTEA Work Truck Show.

According to Clay Siegert, XL Hybrids’ co-founder and chief operating officer, the XLP upfit on F-150 half-ton trucks will begin delivery in fourth quarter 2017 and will provide 50% improvement in miles driven per gallon, as well as reductions in C02 emissions.

The XLP technology will be installed in MY17 Ford F-150 pickups with the 2.7L EcoBoost engine and Ford’s Auto Stop-Start technology. The XLP will also be available for the upcoming MY18 Ford F-150 pickup with the 2.7L EcoBoost engine and the new 3.3L base engine, both featuring Ford’s Auto Stop-Start technology. XLP will be compatible with a range of wheelbases, cab and bed configurations.

Siegert added that the XLP technology leaves the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) engine, transmission, fuel system and exhaust system completely intact. Fleets will maintain the complete OEM warranty, and get a three-year, 75,000 mile warranty from XL Hybrids on the XLP powertrain, he explained.

“Because it leaves the Ford engine intact, it has the same reliability as a standard pickup, as well as all the fuel efficiency and CO2-reduction benefits,” Siegert noted.

Addressing the current low fuel prices and need for the PHEV upfit solution, Siegert explained: “Fleets are taking the long-term view that fuel prices may not stay so low. Know there is a lot of volatility [associated with fuel prices], the fleets that will have already tried our product will be in a great spot when fuel prices increase.”

In addition, XL Hybrids announced the company has been awarded Electrification Qualified Vehicle Modifier (eQVM) status in the new Ford certification program. The Ford eQVM program helps fleet and commercial customers meet their specific needs for electrified hybrid work trucks that retain the original powertrain warranty. XL Hybrids was first recognized with the eQVM status in December 2016 for design, manufacturing, and quality controls for upfitting new Ford vans and trucks.

XL Hybrids sells electrification system upfits for the full range of Ford Class 2 and larger vehicles, including the Transit, E-Series, and F-Series platforms. XL Hybrids’ electrification systems have been installed via serial OEM ship-thru production at upfitters since launching its products more than four years ago.

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