29th annual City Fleet and Equipment Show

NEW YORK. On May 11th, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) and Parks hosted the 29th annual Fleet and Equipment Show, with over 150 vendors showing the latest in safe and sustainable fleet and equipment technologies.

Among the announcements during a speech by Keith Kerman, the City Chief Fleet Officer, was the finalization of a contract with Envision Solar for 30 solar carports to charge electric vehicles. The freestanding solar carports will provide clean off-the-grid solar power to those vehicles.

With plenty of innovative technology and the ever-important need for cleaner, more efficient fuel, it was logical to arrive at using solar energy for charging cars. Food for thought: will we ever arrive at solar panels on the roof of trailers to power long-haul trucks? Time will tell. Until then, enjoy what the 29th annual Fleet and Equipment show had to offer.

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