Accuride extends warranty on Gunite automatic slack adjusters

Accuride extends warranty on Gunite automatic slack adjusters

Accuride Corp. has extended the warranty on its Gunite automatic slack adjusters (ASA). The new standard warranty will by 6 years/1 million miles, the company said, and covers its Gunite standard and Gunite 2000 range of automatic slack adjusters (ASA).

The warranty revisions for applications include:  

  • Over-the-road/line-haul trucks and trailers:  increased to 6 years/1 million miles, from 5 years/500,000 miles.
  • School bus/city delivery vehicles:  increased to 4 years/400,000 miles, from 3 years/300,000 miles.
  • Severe service, waste/refuse:  increased to 3 years/300,000 miles, from 2 years/200,000 miles.

The extended warranty is applicable for Gunite ASAs manufactured on or after April 6, 2015. Gunite ASAs manufactured prior to the April 6, 2015, date will remain warranted at previous warranty terms and conditions.

“Our investment in automated, state-of-the-art slack-adjuster assembly operations at our Rockford, Illinois, facility has significantly improved the rigor of our quality processes for Gunite standard and Gunite 2000 ASA components,” Scott Hazlett, Accuride Senior Vice President/Operations said.  “We are able to achieve tighter production tolerances than ever before, giving us even greater confidence in the ability of our automatic slack adjusters to dependably perform as promised, mile after mile.  As a result, we are passing along that confidence to our customers by increasing the warranty coverage on these products to industry-best levels.”

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