ACT: Dry-van trailer orders up sharply in April

Meanwhile, reefers see weak new orders

According to ACT Research Co., truck fleets “returned to the order board in April, following recent lackluster performance, although the gains were not universal across all trailer categories.”

“The industry booked22,017 net orders in April,” said Frank Maly, director-- CV Transportation with ACT Research. “While that was a 12.3% month-over-month increase, the widely ranging performance across the various trailer types was striking.

“Dry vans supported the total industry with a 41.9% month-over-month gain” he explained, “while reefer vans posted a 33.7% month-over-month decline.

“The reefer weakness was entirely from weak new orders, as cancellations were insignificant,” Maly added.

The update on trailer order performance was reported in the latest State of the Industry: U.S. Trailers released by ACT.

ACT is a worldwide publisher of new and used commercial vehicle (CV) industry data, market analysis and forecasting services for the North American market as well as the U.S. tractor-trailer market and the China CV market.

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