Alcoa’s 2015 Wheel Service Manual out this summer

Alcoa announced it will launch the latest version of its Wheel Service Manual this summer. The company said this is the “manual-of-choice for the commercial wheels transportation sector, providing the latest up-to-date trends and developments for customers.” 

According to the company, the new version will include the following:

• New sections including deflating and mounting truck and bus tires to reflect industry standards

• Additional updates to reflect evolving market conditions including more hub pilot vs. older ball seat wheels

• Enhanced pictures and more detailed inspection processes of various rim area failure modes

• Aligns and follows OSHA and industry standards and practices

“Our Wheel Service Manual is the industry standard for wheel installation and maintenance and has served the marketplace for many years,” said Tim Myers, president. “Therefore, it is important that we are aligned with the latest trends and keep the manual up-to-date in order to provide a resource and best practice guide that our customers can depend on.”

The Alcoa Wheel Service Manual details wheel service, including mounting and demounting of hub pilot and ball seat mount wheels. Other reference text in the manual includes the Alcoa five-year limited warranty and OSHA safety regulations on servicing wheels.

The 2015 Alcoa Wheel Service Manual will be available later this summer.

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