Bendix establishes brake shoe remanufacturing operation

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has expanded its remanufacturing product lineup with the addition of genuine Bendix Reman brake shoes. The shoes will be manufactured at the company’s new Bendix Brake Shoe Remanufacturing Center in Huntington, IN.

“Delivering Bendix brand reman shoes directly from within Bendix is a natural next step in our long-term business growth goals and enables the wheel-end group an exceptional opportunity to serve the needs of the North American aftermarket customer base more effectively,” said Henry Foxx, director of Bendix Remanufacturing. “With the ability to offer top-quality, high-performing shoes and kits, we bring even greater balance to the evolving menu of Bendix brand reman and wheel-end products.”

The decision to in-source reman brake shoe operations is part of the company’s plan to centralize its remanufacturing business unit. The unit maintains advanced remanufacturing centers in both Huntington and Acuña, Mexico.

“Reman brake shoes are manufactured again, not just relined – a critical difference that makes Bendix the best choice. Our customers need a product they can rely on every time. Bendix Reman Brake Shoes deliver the same high level of reliability and performance the commercial vehicle industry expects from a Bendix product,” Foxx said. “Our brake shoes will set the standard for coining, advanced paint coating, precision riveting, and quality control. That means durability, reliability, and an extended lining life on the vehicle.”

According to Bendix, the OE engineering team at Bendix understands the importance of maintaining the proper shoe geometry throughout the product’s entire life cycle. To accomplish this, the company coins 100% of its Bendix brake shoes using dies that exactly reproduce the geometry of the original shoe design.

The reman shoes are assembled with a precision riveting machine to ensure correct lining attachment for maximum lining service, the company added. Bendix rivets in excess of 2.5 million shoes annually, while adhering to OE specifications and parameters for rivet retention testing.

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