The quotnext generationquot Bose Ride system II seat

The "next generation" Bose Ride system II seat.

Bose Ride System II delivers new features and functionality

NASHVILLE. Bose has introduced the next generation of its Bose Ride truck seat suspension system, offering new features and functionality including new ride-control options, improved seat-top ergonomics, and a built-in driver orientation training module.

Presented Sunday at the 2015 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting, the next generation of the driver’s seat is based on feedback from Bose Ride owners and fleets, as well as ongoing company research.

The new capabilities are designed to deliver the benefits of dramatically reduced fatigue and pain to more truck fleets and drivers.

“With the Bose Ride system II, more drivers can feel safer, recover faster, and expect a longer driving career, while traveling over more varying road conditions,” said Mike Rosen, Bose Ride chief engineer and general manager. “The Bose Ride system II is now an even better tool for fleets looking to improve their business performance.”

The new Bose Ride system II offers a three-position Ride Control selector, allowing drivers to customize their ride throughout the day:

  • The “Soft” setting provides the smoothest ride with maximum protection from dangerous road-induced shaking.
  • The middle setting delivers an experience of gently following the road contours, while protecting the driver from shaking and bumps. This provides a slightly firmer ride than the Soft setting. And for drivers who haven’t experienced the Bose Ride® system before, this setting may be preferable as they begin using the product.
  • The “Firm” setting protects the driver while adapting the ride for very rough on-road and many off-pavement environments, providing the best defense against bottoming in harsh conditions. This setting also offers drivers with years of air-suspension seat experience a more familiar feel as they transition to the improved performance of the Bose Ride system.

The Bose Ride system II also incorporates improved seat-top ergonomics for better adjustability. These improvements include wider fore-aft and seat-back angle ranges, providing added comfort for more drivers.

A new built-in driver orientation module allows first-time users to understand how to get the most out of the Bose Ride system, before they hit the road. Upon activating the orientation, the system uses Bose’s proprietary high-speed electromagnetic motor as a speaker to play an informational audio track, while providing the motion necessary for the driver to experience what to expect from the system when driving.

Originally launched in 2010, the Bose Ride system works by cancelling the road-induced shaking, bumps, and jolts that can harm drivers. This is made possible by a high-power, regenerative electromagnetic motor, a high-speed, truck-grade computer, and precision sensors built into the suspension base.

The Bose Ride system II for aftermarket installation is available for purchase from Bose beginning April 1. Volvo versions of the Bose Ride system II will be available in new Volvo trucks later this spring.

For fleets purchasing 100 or more systems from Bose, the per-unit price is $2,995 plus delivery and installation. Pricing for 10 to 99 units is $3,695 plus delivery and installation. Single-system purchases and volume pricing up to nine units is also available. 

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