Classic Kenworth trucks

In celebration of its 90th anniversary, Kenworth Truck Co. put together this collection of stories about Kenworth owners and their trucks – in this case classis models dating as far back as 1928. Classic trucks will always have a special place in the hearts of trucks, and Kenworth models, with their long and storied history, are no different.

“Owners of antique trucks often see their restoration work not only as a way to preserve the trucks they love and a bit of trucking industry history, but also to bring back a sense of nostalgia,” said Bill Johnson, executive director of the American Truck Historical Society. “They take great pride in knowing their restoration work will allow others to see first-hand the changes and innovations in truck manufacturing introduced over the years. As Kenworth concludes its 90th anniversary, it’s important to recognize all those dedicated individuals who work to preserve this history.”

So click through to see some Kenworth classics.

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