Continental submits retreads for SmartWay verification

Continental Tire the Americas has submitted two retreads to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for verification as a SmartWay Transport Partnership verified tire. The retreads, the HDL Eco Plus ContiTread (drive) and HTL Eco Plus ContiTread (trailer), were officially submitted on June 12, the first day that new standards for verifying low rolling resistance products were put into effect.

According to Continental, the new standards provided by the EPA Technology Assessment Center for verified low rolling resistance products when used on line-haul, Class 8 trucks, will provide reductions in fuel consumption of at least 3% compared to the most popular retread products now in use.
“Because of the adoption of these standards by the SmartWay Transport Partnership, the importance of manufacturing retreaded truck tires that perform just as well as the new products has been brought to the forefront of fleet owners and professional drivers across the U.S. Continental’s ContiTreads have always been made with the same standards and tread patterns as our new tires, which are the largest number of products verified by SmartWay today for low rolling resistance,” said Paul Williams, executive vice president for truck tire, the Americas.

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