The Future Just Got Closer

It seems we can't wait for anything anymore.  This week I am at the 21st Intelligent Transportation System World Congress.  Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, just announced some initiatives and future production schedules that are intended to put GM more at the forefront of safety, putting their recent troubles behind them in my opinion.  

Mary announced that GM will have production vehicles with Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communications in them in 2016. She indicated it would be a Cadillac CTS.  Further, she said they would introduce SuperCruise at the same time. This will allow a driver to take the hands off the steering wheel in both stop and go traffic and at highway speeds.  It will be in a new Cadillac for something they don't compete in today.  

GM is also joining with several others to establish 120 miles of intelligent infrastructure in Michigan for Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communications.  I'll expound upon this subject in further entries.

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