Greases reformulated for added protection, performance

Amsoil synthetic multi-purpose grease and synthetic water-resistant grease have been reformulated to provide improved protection and performance, Amsoil said.

According to Amsoil, both are formulated with calcium sulfonate complex thickeners, which allow for improved extreme-pressure properties, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high-temperature stability and water resistance.

Synthetic water-resistant grease is an extreme-pressure grease formulated specially for wet-duty performance. Corrosion protection seals metal surfaces and chemically fights corrosion, Amsoil noted. It also has water washout and sprayoff resistance for applications frequently exposed to mud, water, snow or ice.

The synthetic multi-purpose grease is formulated with oil soluble extreme-pressure additives for heavy loads. Oxidation and corrosion inhibitors provide oxidation stability, a high-temperature dropping point and low-temperature torque value and pumping capability, Amsoil said. It resists thermal and oxidation degradation, prolonging equipment life.

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