Hackney enters van shelving market

Hackney enters van shelving market

Introduces Ford Transit packages in aluminum and steel designs

Beginning with the Ford Transit, Hackney announced it is now releasing both aluminum and steel shelving lines targeting contractor service markets with an emphasis on simplifying the buying process for end users. 

“The growth of the commercial van market resulted in high demand for our contractor service shelving,” said Richard Ball, director of marketing and business development for VT Hackney.  “As opposed to the larger general shelving companies, our goal is to stay true to the markets we serve and create shelving packages that are tailored to their job.”

Hackney’s aluminum shelving is lightweight with adjustable shelves designed to hold Hackney’s storage trays or tools, the company said. Driver side and passenger side kits can be purchased separately or as one package with top shelf storage for ladders and pipe. Introductory packages provide open areas for bulky items, such as hot water heaters. 

Hackney said it has also designed a steel shelving line targeting general service contractors tasked with storing and organizing hundreds of parts and SKUs. Hackney’s Inventory Management Shelving (IMS) system is a heavy-duty shelving solution that offers both driver and passenger side packages.

“If your job requires you to hold a massive amount of small parts inventory, Hackney IMS is a great fit,” Ball said. “IMS is focused on completing one mission…maximizing the inventory storage capabilities of your vehicle.”

Hackney shelving can be purchased directly from Hackney or through a local Ford dealer. For Ford Transit factory ordered vans, Hackney said it will also offer a “ship thru” option allowing customers to have their shelving installed as soon as the van rolls off the line.

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