LED light tower for large-scale lighting needs

LED light tower for large-scale lighting needs

A new LED light tower from Larson Electronics is capable of producing enough light to illuminate over 2 acres of land. The LM-18-4X150RT-RB includes an 18-ft. telescoping light mast with LED lights that produce 48,000 lumens of light output.

The product features a rugged tower assembly constructed of heavy gauge steel, four 150-watt LED lamp heads, and a rotating base assembly. The LED lights are designed for use in demanding conditions and are waterproof and sealed against the intrusion of dust and dirt, making them well suited to abusive industrial and outdoor construction applications, Larson said.

The tower operates from 12 volt DC current and pulls approximately 5 amps, making it easy to power by portable power sources such as rechargeable battery packs, heavy equipment, and vehicle electrical systems without producing excessive battery drain. The tower assembly is constructed from powder coated steel and consists of a 10 ft. long lower section and a 9 ft. upper section with 1 ft. of overlap for strength and rigidity. The tower collapses and folds over for easy transport and is elevated using a pair of 1,000-lb. rated hand winches. The lower winch raises the tower from the folded position, and an upper winch extends the upper boom to the desired height.

The base of the tower is designed to be bolted to a secure flat surface with an included half inch thick predrilled mounting plate and features a rotating axis that allows the operator to turn the entire tower towards any direction, making it easy to cover a desired area regardless of how the tower is positioned.

“For OEMs and operators looking to build their own portable light tower configurations, we offer lights and masts as separate custom configurations,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ LarsonElectronics.com. “The operator is able to configure a combination of our light masts and metal halide lights with their existing equipment such as trailers and generators.”

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