Mitsubishi Electric offers starter, alternator training

TRP Aftermarket Parts has released a spring brake chamber for use in all Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks, trailers and buses. The chamber is available from TRP-authorized Kenworth and Peterbilt parts and service distributors

Instructional heavy-duty starter and alternator training programs for dealers and fleets are being offered by Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America. The training is free of charge and is offered to dealers and fleets.

“About 40% of the starters and alternators sent back to us for warranty claims actually have nothing wrong with them,” said Danny Ritter, technical support manager-- Heavy Duty. “After our training program, mechanics will be better able to test what they perceive to be faulty products by using certain tools that can diagnose whether there is a problem. From these tests, it becomes clear very quickly what, if anything, is wrong and how to fix it. The training is a great way to overcome the burden of unnecessary warranty claims.”

For more information, call 1-888-635-2648, extension 1, or go to [email protected].

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