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ChevronTexaco Products Co. has added Fundamentals of Hydraulic Systems, Fundamentals of Industrial Gear Lubrication, and Fundamentals of Heavy Duty Coolants to its online learning site

ChevronTexaco Products Co. has added “Fundamentals of Hydraulic Systems,” “Fundamentals of Industrial Gear Lubrication,” and “Fundamentals of Heavy Duty Coolants” to its online learning site, Lubricants University.

Geared toward technicians and maintenance managers, the self-study course on hydraulics covers system components, lubrication procedures and potential problems of hydraulic systems. It also provides a review of hydraulic oil performance specs and trends in the fluid power industry.

The course on industrial gear lubes focuses on understanding gear types and their operation, as well as ongoing maintenance issues.

“Heavy Duty Coolants” covers the operation of engine cooling systems and the pros and cons of conventional and extended life coolants.

Other courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Lubrication

  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Lubrication

  • Fundamentals of Lubricant Additives

  • Base Oils

“Tuition” at Lubricants University is $59.95 per course. Individuals can sign up for a single course by calling the Chevron Fulfillment Center at 1-866-758-2378. Customized subscriptions are available for fleets that want to train multiple employees.

For information, email [email protected] or [email protected]

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