Ridewell releases yoke mount suspensions

Ridewell has expanded its RAR-240 series of trailer air-ride suspensions to now include yoke mount suspensions. The new suspensions are specifically designed for use with Ridewell brand axles with Wabco PAN 22 air disc brakes, the company said.

The suspensions can also be used with IMT’s axles with Wabco Pan 22, 19, or 17 ADB, or Haldex ADB.

There are two versions available. The first is a yoke trailing arm beam that allows the brake actuator to be placed under the tail. A critical benefit of this design, the company added, is that no modifications to the trailer frame beyond those typically done for a standard RAR-240 yoke suspension are required. Also, there is no change to the normal frame transition geometry needed. This version is compatible only with Wabco PAN 22 or Haldex ADB and includes a 25,000 lb. capacity with ride height range of 8 to 9.5 in.

When brake actuator ground clearance and protection are critical, the newly designed yoke trailing arm adds a “banana beam” that allows the brake actuator to be tucked between the beam and trailer frame.  This design requires a more squared-off frame transition to allow clearance for the actuator. It is available in 25,000 lbs. capacity with ride height range of 6 to 7.5 in. or 7.5 to 9 in.

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