Sloan Transportation Products launches new website

Sloan Transportation Products has launched a new website and product catalog to showcase its OE and aftermarket air systems, electrical, and engine parts.

The site,, is designed to be user-friendly and feature quick and easy access to company information, sales and service contacts, product resources, and a 200-page digital catalog, the company said.

The digital catalog is a searchable PDF document that can be viewed online, downloaded, or saved to the user’s desktop. It can also be printed in sections or in its entirety.

According to Sloan, viewers can page through the catalog or move from section to section through hyperlinks. 

 “Sloan is committed to serving our customers and providing them with information about our company and products in the most efficient way possible,” said Thomas Bronz, president.  “In today’s economic environment, we understand the need to save our customers time and money wherever we can, and our new website and catalog are the latest demonstrations of how we are reinventing ourselves for the new marketplace.”


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