Truck resale pricing ends 2014 on a mixed note

The most recent Truck Blue Book Commercial Truck Monthly Report ( found that prices on the heavy-duty resale market rose in December. Conversely, auction prices were down for heavy duty, but up on medium duty trucks from November. Heavy duty resale prices have seen fluctuation throughout all of 2014 with increases one month and decreases the next. The year ended a positive note with a 1% increase, Truck Blue Book reported.

Among other highlights, the Midwest saw price decreases on both the resale and auction markets for medium and heavy duty trucks. Overall volume dropped on the resale market during Q4 in comparison to Q3, dropping slightly lower than Q2 numbers, and 2004 and 2005 model trucks saw the largest percentage in price increases during December for heavy duty trucks.

For a complete report on the used-truck market, visit this website: Click through the slides for highlights, along with Truck Blue Book commentary, from several key truck demographics.

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