2013 Vehicle Graphics Awards: The Home Depot

The Home Depot

Atlanta, GA

DESIGNERS: Chris Scohier and Jose Decabo, The Home Depot

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Modagrafics, Rolling Meadows, IL

MARKING MATERIALS: Avery EZ-RS, Avery Reflective

When springtime rolls around, millions of Americans venture outside to plant their gardens, spruce up their planters, and get their lawns ready for the summer barbecue season. To help educate people about all its outdoor product power equipment lines, The Home Depot outfits four trailers to be used in a special educational program that travels to stores throughout the country.

This year’s version includes graphics that welcome anyone seeing the trailers for the first time “into” their local Home Depot store.

“The Home Depot Garden Road Show is an annual four-truck rolling educational program that travels to Home Depot stores throughout the continental U.S.,” says Chris Scohier, one of The Home Depot designers of the graphics. “To build excitement in customers and our employees for all of the fantastic new outdoor power equipment lines we are promoting each year, the Garden Road Show truck wrap dynamically features the outdoor power equipment on our trucks as though the truck itself is a Home Depot store interior.”

Each trailer features graphics installed earlier this year and designed to look just like the sales floor inside a store, lined with lawnmowers, power washers, trimmers and edgers, and lawn care products.

“As the ‘point-of-sale’ for our educational mission, the truck wrap acts as a rolling billboard that captures the attention of employees, customers and even motorists on the highway; sparks curiosity about our featured brands; and generates enthusiasm for what’s inside and the individuals delivering the message,” Scohier adds.

The sides of the trailers feature fulllength wraps that include the packing crate in which the products might be shipped. The rear includes an overhead door that appears to be open slightly, exposing the lines of lawn care products available in the store.

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