Alcoa holds social media campaign, contest

#5lbPledge encourages followers to share lifestyle best practices

Alcoa Wheels announced the launch of its newest social media campaign and contest. The four-week event, branded #5lbPledge, will highlight the importance and benefits of healthy living through shared content and tips on achieving a fit lifestyle. It will take place on Twitter at @AlcoaWheels.    

The campaign and contest is through Sept. 25, and #5lbPledge is a connection to Alcoa’s lightest and strongest heavy-duty truck wheel on the market, the Ultra ONE wheel with MagnaForce alloy, the company said.

According to the company, the 40-lb. wheel weighs five pounds less than its highest volume wheel, enabling fleets to lower truck weight—saving nearly another 100 lbs. per 18-wheeler versus the previous lightest option—increasing payload and fuel economy while lowering maintenance costs.

For Alcoa’s Ultra ONE wheel with MagnaForce alloy, losing five pounds resulted in an overall better “lifestyle.” Therefore, Alcoa said it wants to encourage others to better themselves through expert information and allow followers and participants to showcase their journeys and tips to healthy success.

Alcoa Wheels urges social media followers and contestants to follow the company on Twitter (@AlcoaWheels) and snap eligible photos and/or video of their healthy lifestyle tips and success stories. Participants should tag the images with the hashtag #5lbPledge. Completing these steps will result in automatic entrance into the official contest, the company said. The contest is a dedicated social media activity and will be carried out solely through Twitter.

“We love the opportunity to engage with our stakeholders,” said Brian Thomas, marketing communications manager. “This #5lbPledge event allows us this interaction while also both creating awareness for a key factor within our industry and contributing to bettering the lives of our customers.”

The photo sharing campaign and contest will accept all eligible and appropriate health and fitness-focused photo submissions; however, the company will also dedicate certain weeks within the campaign time period as theme weeks, and ask followers to showcase specific photos in order to ensure the campaign remains fresh and exciting.

Prizes will be awarded every Friday corresponding to that’s week’s theme. When the campaign and contest officially closes on Sept. 25, Alcoa Wheels will evaluate all photos and videos and announce a Grand Prize winner, who will receive a pair of Alcoa Ultra ONE wheels with MagnaForce alloy. Winners will be contacted using the direct message feature on Twitter.

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