Aljex integrates with SaferWatch

Aljex Software announced the release of an integration with SaferWatch, an advanced motor carrier risk management service.

When a 3PL broker adds a new carrier to the Aljex system, the new SaferWatch integration imports that carrier’s information and provides a risk-assessment score, the company noted. Inside the Aljex interface, SaferWatch carrier data is updated in real-time. SaferWatch displays up to date information within the carrier profile or on screen while covering a load. If a carrier gets dropped from their insurance, users know about it within minutes.

“Despite last week’s announcement that FMCA removed phone numbers from the Motor Carrier records, there is no reason to raise the alarm,” the company said. “SaferWatch still has all the numbers in its carrier database and will continue to have them in the future. The FMCA’s resources are helpful, but Saferwatch has more information that’s easier to use.”

Aljex’s CEO Tom Heine says: “This insurance monitoring integrates seamlessly into Aljex and presents the information in a unique way that’s intuitive and convenient for our customers… it’s a huge benefit to our brokers because it saves them time and makes monitoring compliance easier. Win-win.”

Aljex’s SaferWatch integration is now available to all Aljex customers. 

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