Bestpass adds toll exclusion zones to notification platform

Bestpass announced the introduction of exclusion zones, a new feature that sends alerts to fleet managers, allowing them to catch instances of unplanned toll usage or company policy breaches. Bestpass' exclusion zone reporting can be received promptly, allowing for immediate corrective efforts with drivers, thereby avoiding an unnecessary accumulation of toll and other fees.

An exclusion zone, which can be defined on a user-by-user basis, can include any area or timeframe in which entry or exit is not allowed. Bestpass customers are able to set up and monitor entire tolling facilities, or any of the thousands of specific toll collection points under the 42 tolling authorities that are part of the company's nationwide service network. Customers are also able to monitor certain days or even times of day.

Bestpass users receive a daily or weekly report that details precisely how many exclusion infractions have transpired and the specific toll transactions that have occurred in each targeted exclusion zone. The exclusion report includes transponder numbers and license plates to help address usage with drivers.

"Our goal is to help our customers manage their fleets as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and to be a trusted technology partner who continuously seeks and finds ways to add value to the industry," said John Andrews, president and CEO. "Our exclusion zone technology and service ensures that lines of communication between fleet managers and drivers remain open and that standards and expectations are clear and being met."

Several Bestpass clients are early adopters of the exclusion zone technology and have already been seeing positive results, the company mentioned.

"The report allows us to identify routes being utilized outside of our desired routing and communicate in a timely manner to those drivers so we can correct routing in a timely manner to avoid additional cost," said Alicia Rist, manager of driver payroll, permits and tolls at Werner Enterprises.

"The exclusion zone reports save us so much time," says Jera Skaggs, director of recruiting for Empire Express. "At a quick glance, our operations department can come up with the most efficient routes for our fleet, which saves money for us and for our customers."

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