A big send-off

Meritor Inc. recently honored its longest serving employee, Loraine Simler, on the occasion of her retirement. Simler, a sales rep in Meritor's Aftermarket & Trailer division, retired after 65 years with the company. Late last year, Meritor honored her with “Loraine Simler Day,” which included a limo ride to work and a red carpet to greet her arrival.

According to Meritor, she “blazed a trail for many women to follow at Meritor.” She has been witness to and participated in many firsts, including becoming Meritor's first-ever female manager in 1965 when she was named a buying manager. She joined the company in 1946 when it was Timken Axle as a file clerk/typist. In 1953, she became a secretary in the purchasing department. It was a few years later that she became the firm's first employee to use an electric typewriter.

After several years as a buying manager, she moved into the aftermarket parts division in 1973. Since then, she has held positions of increasing responsibility within Meritor before she settled into her most recent position in 1983 as a sales representative-aftermarket.

“Spending 65 years at the same company is something so rarely achieved these days,” said Joe Mejaly, president, Aftermarket & Trailer, Meritor. “It's important to acknowledge events like this, and we're excited to recognize Loraine's time at Meritor.”

As for Simler, she said, “I've enjoyed my time here. I consider everyone here part of my family.”

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