Corra Group expands drug testing services, offers driver background checks

Corra Group expands drug testing services, offers driver background checks

Corra Group, a company specializing in background checks and pre-employment screening as well as corporate research and intelligence, announced it is expanding its drug testing services and increasing its facility to include DOT employment background checks, enabling trucking firms to use Corra Group as a full-service DOT facility, according to a company announcement. Additionally, the company has coordinated its random management drug screening program so it’s easier for drivers to be integrated into the system.

“Corra Group has seen the need to increase services so that trucking outfits can be compliant with DOT standards,” said Gordon Basichis, Corra Group co-founder. “As the nation’s economy starts to recover, established trucking firms are hiring drivers. And new firms are starting up. Some owners are new to the process and need guidance in assuring compliance with the DOT.”

The company has also been working in partnership with Quest Diagnostics to assure that trucking customers have access to drug collection sites around the United States. The background checking service may soon include additional vendors as it seeks to saturate drug collection facilities, especially in remote areas.

“With truckers working all over the country, it is necessary they have access to drug testing wherever they are,” said Basichis. “Some drivers are out on the road, and they can’t do their DOT drug testing at the collection sites near their home offices. So with added testing facilities, it’s convenient for them to do their testing wherever they are.”

Corra trucking company customers are also provided with web-based access to Dept. of Motor Vehicle Driving Records ensuring fleets have a secure permanent database of all candidate driving records. For most states, driver MVR results are available instantly. 

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