Geotab expands fleet management capabilities

Geotab introduced a new series of IOX add-ons to further expand fleet management capabilities for customers:  IOX-Alert, IOX-Comspread, and IOX-Output.

  • Driver-Initiated Alert Notification: IOX-Alert — With IOX-Alert, a driver can push an alert button to send a notification to their dispatcher. When activated, a specific engine diagnostic is recorded in MyGeotab; exception rules can be created to generate a notification in response.
  • Substance Spreader Controller: IOX-Comspread — Companies can gain greater awareness of their operations with IOX-Comspread, a Substance Spreader Controller supporting Rexroth Compu-Spread CS-440 and CS-550 solid and liquid spreader controllers commonly found on snow vehicle equipment. IOX-Comspread reports the amount of material spread, time of spreading, and the spread rate (ProPlus plan required).
  • Relay Controller: IOX-Output — Fleet managers can send commands directly from MyGeotab to sensors or third-party devices in the vehicle, or control a relay from the vehicle in real-time. IOX-Output connects to a controllable relay that will trigger when a predefined condition in MyGeotab is met.

To encourage Geotab platform customers to take advantage of expansion options, Geotab said it has added IOX functionality to its entry-level base price plan.

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