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Maryland tolls increase up to 50% on July 1

Maryland toll rates are rising July 1 as part of the second stage of a two-stage set of hikes approved by the Maryland Toll Authority board Sept. 22, 2011. Tolls were previously raised Nov. 1 2011, but before that had been frozen for over a decade, according to a TollRoad News report.

Maryland E-ZPass or cash rates for the Baltimore Harbor Crossings (I-95 Fort McHenry Tunnel, I-895 Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and I-695 Francis Scott Key Bridge) go up from $18 to $24 and the video toll from $27 to $36 for a 5-axle tractor-trailer. Tolls for 6-axle trucks go from $23 to $30 and video tolls from $34.50 to $45.

Video toll rates apply to any vehicle without an E-ZPass account going through an E-ZPass-only lane at toll points with cash collection, and also to those traveling without an E-ZPass account on the all-electronic MD200 ICC tollroad where no cash is collected.

All these Baltimore area tolls are collected both directions.

On the I-95 Kennedy Highway at the single toll point northbound and also at the nearby and parallel US40 Hatem bridge a 5-axle truck now pays $36 and will pay $48 from July 1. A 6-axle truck pays $45 now and $60 after July 1. Video toll charges go from $51 to $63 for 5-axle trucks, and from $60 to $75 for 6 axle trucks.
These tolls are collected northbound only — no toll southbound.

On the US50/301 Chesapeake Bay Bridge 5-axle tractor trailers headed to Delmarva Peninsula or eastern shore now face a $24 base toll, going to $36 July 1. No E-ZPass discounts are available for trucks. Video tolls on 5-axle tractor-trailers go from $36 now to $51 (42%).

At the US301 Nice Bridge in the far lower reaches of the Potomac the tolls to go into Virginia will rise in line with Chesapeake Bay Bridge tolls. There are no tolls northbound into Maryland.


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